Accutron Battery Chart
214 387s or 394*
*394 and *329 if you have a spacer; an Omega Spacer (722991032951/02) will work for the 329.

1965 14k 214 Accutron Alpha

Restored inside and out.

Accutrons make a humming noise. Why do they hum? "Because they do not know the words."

how to change an ACCUTRON cell-214

Open the cell power hatch with a dime.

The cell spring may need to be gently bent out at its center in order to make contact with the battery.

When changing the battery in your Accutron, make sure that the positive side is down; thenegative side is up so it will touch the cell hatch spring or strap. It may be necessary to gently tap the side of the case to get the tuning fork to start vibrating.


The cell strap SCREW does NOT need to be removed to change the battery; doing so may catapult the strap screw into the air. To release the battery, turn the left screw 1- 1 1/2 turn; swing the cell strap out of the way; insert battery; swing cell strap into place and tighten screw. BE CAREFULL NOT TO SLIP with the screwdriver and DAMAGE THE COIL or COIL WIRES.